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There’s a serious problem in the hardscapes industry

Contractors, landscape professionals, and job site managers are being gouged by middleman retailers — squeezing their margins, disgruntling their customers, and leaving projects a bit short of perfect. 

Now, utilizing our company-owned quarries and strategic partnerships with a few other carefully-vetted quarries, professionals in need of high-grade stone in quantities beyond what’s typically on-hand from a  retailer, can access wholesale pricing by purchasing stone directly from the source.

Stone Source Pros’ goal is to give the customer a “one stop shop” direct to the quarry. Professionals and their clients can save hundreds or thousands of dollars and benefit from a more reliable supply chain with reasonably-priced, highly-accurate shipping managed through our company-owned logistics team. 

Our team has decades of experience in the hardscapes industry. We’re not a third-party seller or new-to-market tech operation. We’re quarry owners and their long-time partners creating major disruption in the industry for your benefit. 

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.